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Welcome to Community Dream Enterprises

from Bonnie Ratner

I love community building. For over two decades, my passion has been working in communities and with the organizations and institutions that serve them. I'm a storyteller, educator and planner, and I have applied my craft to build the capacity of leaders, organizations and communities across California and now in Oregon. 

Stories Have Power and Light. I love to write stories that demonstrate success or illuminate issues, but equally, I love to give others the skills to tell their own stories—in grant proposals as well as formal or informal communications. I also use storytelling as a means to help grow leadership skills. In addition to working with nonprofit and government leaders, I taught literature and writing for a number of years in multicultural college classrooms. I've also taught creative writing in treatment centers and in county jail. Check out Community Dream Productions to see how stories can illuminate our worlds.

Planning is fun. Planning gets a bad rap. Mention strategic planning, and eyes roll as visions emerge of unnecessary documents sitting on dusty shelves. Well, I love bringing a group together to create a shared vision and plan for success, a plan that is lively and challenging and grows with the group to meet extraordinary goals. I can take all your ideas and shape them into a document that contains your loftiest dreams, your deepest values, and your most practical strategies. 

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And feel free to contact me so we can start planning for your success!

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  • Call me at 503-954-3184