Training and Capacity Building

Authentic Community Engagement—The 5 Aces

  • Framework for building mutually beneficial relationships among people and groups. This framework addresses how to effectively build relationships across difference. Authentic Community Engagement is a powerful development tool for organizations to gain a deep understanding of their history and role in communities, from their perspective and from the perspective of the communities they serve. Authentic Community Engagement is being adopted by arts organizations across the country as a cutting edge approach to audience development.  I've created the 5 Aces framework as a way to inform the process. Contact me to talk more.

Writing for organizations

  • How to write successful grant proposals.  It's all about storytelling.  I promise.
  • How to improve workplace writing skills.  I can come to your office and conduct sessions on everything from improving focus and organization to electronic communication to report writing.

Asset Based Community Development

  • How to understand communities as rich in the assets of individuals, organizations and institutions rather than needy and deficient 

Writing for Leadership Development

  • How to build self-awareness and leadership chops while improving clarity and storytelling skills.